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Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez el-Shirazi (m. 1390) Diwân – Poetic collection dated 868H, (= 1467).

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Persian manuscript of 190 leaves, calligraphed in black “nasta’liq” on fifteen lines per page divided into two columns. The manuscript opens with the preface attributed to Golandam, with a beautiful illuminated frontispiece, followed by the text in f. 5b with a second illuminated frontispiece, golden titles, and ends with the dated and signed colophon enriched with illuminations. Three miniatures accompany the text, damaged, they were repainted later. Several marginal annotations. (Wear). Stamped brown morocco binding.

Iran, 1467

17 x 11 cm

Colophon: finished copying on Monday 15th of the month of Rabi al-Awal in the year 868H.

Hafez, Diwân, dated AH868 / 1467AD.

Persian Timurid manuscript on paper, 190ff., 15ll. in black nasta’liq to the page in two columns, with 3 miniatures, dated in the colophon.